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Clay tile roofs come with a plethora of benefits. They can endure extreme weather conditions like high winds and keep its shape even when there are fluctuations in temperature or humidity levels. Clay tiles resist mold and mildew and can last for decades before needing replacement! However, this type of roofing system comes at a higher price tag due to it’s durability. On the flip side, composites shingles come at much lower prices but may need replacing every 5-8 years depending on how often your house is exposed to sunlight.

Benefits of Clay Tile Roofing

Clay roof tiles have a longer lifespan than many other materials. These roofs can have a service life as long as a hundred years.

Low Maintenance
Compared to other roofing materials, clay tiles require less maintenance, which can lower the total cost of ownership.

Clay tiles do not rot and they’re fire and insect-resistant.

Air freely circulates beneath these tiles, which regulates rooftop temperatures, helping maintain temperatures inside the home.

Weather resistance
Other materials expand and contract to a greater degree when extreme conditions occur. In contrast, clay maintains the roof’s integrity by withstanding the most extreme hot and cold weather events. They are also able to resist the harmful ultra-violet radiation from the sun.

The style of clay tile roofs is inspired by Spanish and Mediterranean designs. This appearance complements a variety of sidings. For example, a clay tile roof can enhance the look of brick or stone sidings, making it compatible with the most trending design styles for homes.

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